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Baby Wrap Carrier Slings

Baby Wrap Carrier Slings

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  A parent helper called Baby Wrap Carrier Slings offers the best of both worlds

I'd like to gently embrace you and your child. Holding your infant close to you while you work around the house, whether you're making supper or cleaning, is precious. With the flexibility to go about your day, our Attaching Cushion is a soft and comforting way to spend time with your child.

Practical and Easy to Use 

Baby Wrap Carrier Slings will support your natural carrying positions

Allows for front carrying with the legs out, close to hip carrying, rocking, and breastfeeding, and offers the infant womb pouch and beautiful skin-to-skin moments. There are no hassle-free modifications like buckles, buttons, ties, zippers, rings, or additional fabric; it is smooth, supple, and exquisite. Feelings of comfort and love are promised!

Choose the color of the day to suit your style with our totally reversible Bonding Comforter. Be sure to use it as a scarf, just in case.

Lay flat or hang dry after machine washing in cold water.

Organic cotton is used in the fabric since it is stronger and doesn't lose its color after washing.

Lycra—which has a high degree of flexibility and a soft squish—can simulate the womb.

In order to give a bouncy back result after continuous stretching and maintain the deserving feather-like feeling for the most precious young beings,Baby Wrap Carrier Slings are made of a combination of the materials mentioned above. Baby Wrap Carrier Slings evoke the emotion of "I am so excited to hold you."

Suitable for use during pregnancy, childbirth, early childhood, and later in life

Limit of weight up to 60 lb (28 kg).

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