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Bcompression Socks

Bcompression Socks

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As to Bcompression socks, why?

Compression socks designed especially for those with wider calves who find it difficult to put on standard compression socks will help you stop battling to put them on.

✓ Compared to other compression socks, it is easier to put on thanks to its moderate 20–30 mmHg compression.

✏ Much less discomfort at night, which facilitates sleep.

✓ Made from antimicrobial materials, they are comfortable, light, and breathable.

You can wear them anywhere you go without feeling self-conscious, thanks to their stylish design.

Bcompression Socks: What Are They Made Of?

The incredibly fine-textured materials used to produce Bcompression Socks make them pleasant to wear all day.

63% Polyester to maintain vibrant hues

26 percent bamboo charcoal for its antibacterial qualities

11% Cotton for added warmth and durability

At last! With your new Bcompression Socks (Unisex), you'll feel comfortable right away!

As Suggested By Physiotherapists: able to effectively reduce pain in the legs and feet both during the day and at night.

✅ Ideal For: inflammation, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, edema, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, jogging, and the period following surgery.

✅ Principal Advantages: enliven your legs, improve circulation, enhance sleep quality, expedite recuperation post-surgery, and bolster general leg health.


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