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Hip Seat Baby Carrier

Hip Seat Baby Carrier

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We’ve Got Your Back! And Your Hip

Carry your baby with ease! The Hip Seat Baby Carrier offers a comfortable and ergonomic design that cradles your child while evenly distributing their weight. Its adjustable straps keep your little one secure while helping to reduce back strain. Soft and breathable fabric ensures maximum comfort and safety.


Reduce Waist, Abdominal Stress

The Baby Hip Seat Carrier is designed with Abdominal decompression cushion and wide belt. As a new mother, it’s common to have back pain and pressure, but you can reduce abdominal and waist stress when utilizing this Baby carrier suitable for postpartum mom's.



  Multiple Storage Pockets

The baby carrier comes with 2 large storage pockets and 1 bottle bag, can throw diapers and wipes in the storage beneath the seat. Access your keys, phone, and pacifiers in the side pockets, store a bottle in the bottle bag.


So why wait? Get your Hip Seat Baby Carrier today!

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