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Neck & Back Stretcher

Neck & Back Stretcher

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 Get rid of excruciating back and neck pain at home

Your bones are damaged by the stress caused by years of tough work, excessive sitting, and improper posture. You experience sudden discomfort in your neck, lower back, and down one or more of your legs as a result of your spinal discs being forced out of position and being under pressure.
By gently extending your back and releasing your spinal vertebrae while lying down on Refresh for only 10 minutes a day, you may gradually eliminate the underlying source of your pain, allowing bulging or slipped discs to pull back and heal.
This relieves harmful pressure from your spinal nerves, giving you a healthy, pain-free back and smile. Forever.
It may be utilized on a chair, bed, or floor.


Kevoria™ - Neck & Back Stretcher

Your spine will be fully restored.

Inversion tables are pricey and inappropriate for more than 38% of individuals, while chiropractor fees escalate rapidly and the pain returns as soon as you stop coming.
Refresh employs spinal traction to stretch out your back at an ideal 26° angle, giving your tight spines the break they need to unwind, mend, and release all the harmful pressure that has been developing from your irritated nerves over the years.

Stress reduction

Leave the daily stress behind as the massager offers you a sense of peace and relaxation.

Flexible settings

Adjust the massager to your preferences with different massage intensities and patterns.

Comfortable and easy to use

With ergonomically designed features, the massager is easy to use and fits your body perfectly.

Sustainability and quality

Designed to last, enjoy the effective results of this high-quality massager time after time.

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