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Pelvic Muscle Trainer

Pelvic Muscle Trainer

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Shaping The Perfect Figure

For many new mothers, there are many problems that bother them after giving birth, such as leakage of urine, obesity in the thighs and abdomen, and enlargement of the pelvis. Through exercise, the elasticity and lifting force of the pelvic floor muscles can be improved. The elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles can protect the organs of the pelvis and abdominal cavity. It's a great gift for women!

This pelvic master effectively exercises the thighs, arms, back, buttocks, and pelvic floor muscles. targeting different body parts for different movements, making it versatile.

  Simple to use with the hip trainer!

This beautiful buttock, tightening bladder control devices, changes sedentary posture. Butt workout equipment for women can activate hip muscle groups in a short time. Not only for sedentary women and postpartum women with flat and drooping hips, which is recommendable for people who also want to work out in the gym or train at home.


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