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Pocket Relief

Pocket Relief

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Relieves Pain Fast—and It’s So Easy!

Traditional TENS machines are great, but they require at least 15 minutes of treatment and that’s after you figure out how to correctly place the sticky electrodes!

Pocket relief fits the power of TENS into a tiny, portable pen that anyone can use. And it only takes 60–90 seconds of treatment time! With zero setup and zero troubleshooting to place the sticky pads, you’ll be feeling better ASAP.


  • Simply hold Plus on the area of pain and press down the activating button. It automatically delivers the TENS therapy in just 30 seconds, and then your application is complete.
  • Will I feel the pulses? Will they be painful? On occasion, you may not feel the electrical pulses at all, or only very slightly. This does not mean that your device is not working; it just means that a particular area of skin is more or less sensitive. On other parts of the body, you may feel the pulses emitted by pocket relief. This feeling can be a tingling or a strong pulsing sensation. Many users say they enjoy this feeling because they know it means they’ll feel relief soon!


Most people describe TENS as a tingling or pulsing sensation, and some people (or some body parts) don’t even feel the electrical pulses at all. 90% of customers keep Pocket Relief because it works so well!


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