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Pregnancy Support belt

Pregnancy Support belt

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Improve your baby's health!

By helping to improve blood circulation in the mother's womb, our support belt can contribute to optimal nutrient and oxygen supply for your baby. This can help promote healthy development and reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy.



💡Recommended by Pediatricians

The support belt provides support for your big belly so that you can move at ease with reduced chances of back and hip pain via pelvic support. It also works to correct your posture and hold your baby in the right position to ensure safety all the time. The support belt is suitable for all pregnant moms who engage in prenatal yoga training sessions.


Pregnancy Support Belt Difference:

  • Designed to fit throughout pregnancy by leveraging proven techniques to keep you and your baby safe and happy,
  • It comes with four adjustable modes to support you in all trimesters.
  • The support belt grips your skin perfectly, equalizing pressure to prevent stretch marks and reinforce comfort.
  • There is no bulky feeling; the support belt works invisibly under your clothes.
  • Designed with a special velcro that doesn’t stick to fabric to allow a soft and conforming use.
  • Suitable for standing work, office moms


The support belt is also great as waist shapewear for seamless curves.


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